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Blonder Tongue Labs releases RPX Pro line of standards compliant Remote PHY Nodes

October 2, 2019

Blonder Tongue Laboratories has announced the release of its new RPX Pro Remote PHY line of CableLabs MHAv2 standards compliant CCAP devices. The product family currently consists of the RPN1218 Pro Remote PHY weatherized strand-mount Node, available in 1×2 or 2×2 configurations for residential deployments, and the RPS1218 Pro Remote PHY Shelf in a 2-RU form factor in 1×1 configuration for interior installations and smaller scale MDU or B-B deployments.
“We are excited to release our Remote PHY technology at this year’s SCTE Cable Tech Expo, as it represents the next generation of CCAP compliant DOCSIS 3.1 architecture”, said Bob Palle, CEO of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “The Blonder Tongue RPX Pro family of Remote PHY products gives HFC network operators a genuine choice to realize multi-vendor deployments, with high reliability, and the interoperability that comes with full CableLabs standards and GAP compliance. The RPX Pro features lower AC power requirements, smaller form-factor and lower operating cost to Cable Operators as they plan for current and future node-splits implementing true distributed access architectures for their internet service delivery.”

Blonder Tongue Labs’ RPX Pro devices allow Cable Operators to move the digital portion of a traditional DOCSIS 3.1 internet service delivery out of the Headend and into Hub or Node sites in a neighborhood, closer to where customers consume data, enabling less internet congestion and lowering operating costs to deliver higher internet bandwidth to customer homes. RPX Pro devices move the entire physical (PHY) layer of DOCSIS internet service delivery into a small weatherized device that can be used to create a new cost-effective Node in an Operator’s network, while preserving the Operator’s ability to centralize MAC processing, monitoring and provisioning.
Blonder Tongue Labs’ RPX Pro devices provide 52dBmV in four port configuration or 56dBmV in a two-port configuration (power output level per port at 1218MHz).  The RPX Pro’s modular design allows a wide range of configurations as well as field upgradable configuration changes to meet current and future internet service delivery needs.
Blonder Tongue is debuting the RPX Pro line of Remote PHY devices at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2019 in New Orleans from October 1st-3rd. For more information or to see a demonstration, please contact us, or stop by Booth # 1339.

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