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Spain: UHD TVs popular, but lack of content

October 2, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spaniards are increasingly buying Ultra-HD TV sets, but TV channels are conspicuous by their absence.

According to SES Astra, around 45 per cent of all TV sets sold in Spain in 12 months from April 2018 to April 2019 were UHD-equipped, putting Spain roughly level with other European countries like France (50.1 per cent), Italy (41.8 per cent), UK (53.8 per cent) and Germany (58.4 per cent).

However, the number of channels available in the country is low – amounting to just 15 TV channels. Vodafone leads the market with 7 TV channels, Orange is second with 5 and Movistar only 3.

This is the list of UHD channels in each platform:
Vodafone: Odisea 4K, Slow 4K, Decasa 4K, Canal Cocina 4K, Insight 4K, Stingray Festival 4K, Funbox 4K.
Orange: Canal Cocina 4K, Stingray Festival 4K, All Flamenco 4K, Stingray iConcert 4K, Stingray Djazz 4K
Movistar: Movistar La Liga 4K, Movistar La Liga de Campeones 4K, Movistar Formula 1 UHD.

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