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France: 17.3m SVoD users

October 3, 2019

From Pascale Paoli-Lebailly in Paris

According to a study from research firm Médiamétrie, 17.3 million French viewers have requested at least one SVoD product in the last twelve months, three million more than last year. Netflix tops the most-watched SVoD services, counting four in users five over the last twelve months. Series are the most watched content on the platform and women the biggest fans.

However, the cheap subscription fees allow users to get an access to several platforms: 61 per cent and 58 per cent of the subscribers to Canal+ Séries and Amazon are also Netflix users. Nine users in 10 express they are very satisfied with their service and 10 per cent even plan to subscribe to another one.

Three million Internet users are considering subscribing to one service in the next six months. More globally, the launch of the new platforms, including Disney+, Salto or Apple TV+, will be closely followed by one Internet user in three.

“SVoD is enduringly establishing itself into homes, even though television is still dominant,” Marine Boulanger, head of the Cinéma & Entertainment unit at Médiamétrie.

The study also shows that the ability to share one subscription within a family or with friends is largely used by nine SVoD subs in 10 and is described as a way to diversify the audience too. The average age of SVoD users is 34 years old and though 48 per cent of all subscribers are in the 15-34 demographic, 35-49 year-olds account for half, while one SVoD user in five is 50 years and older. SVoD is also being shared on all screens, Médiamétrie adds, finding that the Millennials mostly prefer watching their content on a computer.

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