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Alteox TVmetadata enters the game

October 7, 2019

Alteox Media Consulting now brings to the market their latest solution; the new Alteox TVmeta product.  The new product will help TV operators to sell more TV and pay TV subscriptions by providing up to date and easily accessible metadata to its clients. The Alteox TVmeta tools and information will help promote not only well-known TV brands but also small and upcoming niche channels. is the new cloud-based service by Alteox that provides content solutions to TV operators.

The new TVmeta solution provides a database of over 600 metadata that consists of channel names, logos, descriptions, trailers and target audience that helps TV customers to decide which channels to subscribe to and watch. By accessing such information, TV operators will be able to easily market and sell channels to their customers and subscribers.

This information is available in multiple formats and can be formatted to suit our client’s and is available in a programmable interface that enables synchronization directly to set boxes, mobile applications or webpages.

Sven Breckler, CEO of Alteox Media Consulting, said: “Many operators have a huge variety of channels in different languages and genres available on their networks. This makes it really complicated for their customers to know to which channels they should subscribe. And this is where our TVmeta product enters the game!”

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