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Crypt TV and Abundantia to bring the Crypt Brand to India

October 7, 2019

Abundantia Entertainment, India’s premier content company focused on developing and producing progressive, insight-based and uniquely Indian stories for a global audience, have partnered with Crypt TV, a media company, creating a new generation of iconic monster IP for young people by launching new characters on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. The new partnership will see a two IP co-production alliance to bring the Crypt brand to India and create a new scary IP.

As the world’s youngest population of thrill seeking, adrenaline hunting consumers of media, India has established itself as a premiere market for international companies, with the horror genre embedding itself as a favourite for the youth.

Announced by Vikram Malhotra, the CEO of Abundantia Entertainment and Jack Davis, the CEO of Crypt TV, the partnership represents the globalisation of Crypt’s brand and Abundantia’s international expansion, with both companies working jointly to customise scary content that combines Abundantia’s local understanding with Crypt’s expertise in speaking to young audiences.

The two companies will develop content ranging from 10-minute films designed for YouTube and Facebook to fully-fledged premium television series and films. The parties anticipate creating a series based on a mix of Crypt IP and new projects jointly created by Abundantia and Crypt.

Abundantia Entertainment is India’s premier content creator with a focus on the progressive, evolving Indian youth and has been at the forefront of creating genre-breaking content across films and OTT Original Series. This collaboration is in line with Abundantia Entertainment’s focus on creating ground breaking content for new age audiences. In January 2019, Abundantia announced the launch of ‘Psych’ – a new content vertical focused on creating IP in the horror and paranormal genre.

Speaking about the partnership with Crypt TV, Vikram Malhotra the Founder & CEO of Abundantia Entertainment said – “Abundantia Entertainment has always believed in challenging the status quo and disrupting the way stories engage and impact their fans. I am delighted that we have found a like-minded partner in Crypt and the two teams have now come together to create what I believe will be genre-defining stories. I have been in awe of the amazing work that Jack and Crypt have done in the last few years and together I am certain that we will create some irresistibly scary content for the Indian youth.”

Crypt TV represents a new type of media company, creating a new generation of iconic monster IP for young people by launching new characters on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. Crypt has over 13 million fans with their #1 demographic between 13-24-year olds.

Jack Davis, the CEO of Crypt TV added: “Crypt is ecstatic to partner with Abundantia to bring our signature genre brand to India. Crypt has a growing Indian audience and some of our favourite IP are fuelled by traffic from the region. We strongly believe India is a focal point for the future of media and young consumers there are very engaged on digital platforms. We have big future plans there and I am so excited to begin our move into the region with Vikram Malhotra and Abundantia Entertainment. Vikram and Abundantia have a long track record of creating powerful content and we share a passion for using genre to tell culture changing stories.”

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