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Alchimie launches sports channel Give Me Five

October 8, 2019

Alchimie, the content aggregator and distributor t Give Me Five a brand-new channel dedicated to leagues of international, domestic and regional, five-a-side and six-a-side football.  To accompany the launch, the channel will report live from Crete on the Socca World Cup 2019.

The Socca World Cup will see 40 countries battling it out to wrestle the crown from reigning champions Germany. Give Me Five’s crack reporting team will show twelve matches every day with expert commentary on the games and insight to the goals, fouls, players and decisions. Last year’s tournament was watched by millions across the world and this year expects a larger audience tuning in from the opening game Latvia V Egypt on October 12th to the final on October 20th.

Give Me Five will also report from the amateur six-a-side and five-a-side leagues across Europe, with its original programme ‘Too Good To Miss/ C’est Pas Bien De Se Moquer’ a mix of the best of the best goals, balls, ratings and an assessment of the points on the ground – and the overall league performance.

“Give Me Five reflects the passion for football that amateurs bring to the pitch and to their game. The five -a-side and six-a-side game is fast and furious, there are domestic and international rivalries, like in any other sport, and each team is vying to become unbeatable. This is authentic, grass roots football at its best – with fans all over the world. We’re delighted to be able to bring it to the screen,” said Nicolas d’Hueppe, CEO of Alchimie.

Give Me Five is created in partnership with The Five, the French organisation behind indoor sports from Five A Side Football to Ping-Pong. The Five has become the home of amateur leagues, providing a platform for the community and harnessing the authenticity of grass roots football and passion for the game.

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