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SpotX’s Richter elected chairman of IAB Tech Lab

October 17, 2019

The IAB Technology Laboratory (Tech Lab) has announced that SpotX Chief Scientist Neal Richter was elected by its board of directors as the new chair. In this position, Richter will play a key role in guiding the Tech Lab’s work to evolve privacy-compliant standards for programmatic advertising, simplify video ad delivery, increase supply chain transparency, and reduce fraud, among other initiatives.

Richter takes on the board post with 20 years of experience leading software teams and developing effective, data-driven products that build the bottom line. As co-chair of Tech Lab’s OpenRTB Working Group, Richter has helped lead the development of the OpenRTB protocol, which has standardised the process of programmatic real-time bidding, and has brought transparency to digital inventory through the ads.txt and sellers.json standards.

“The industry relies on the Tech Lab to develop solutions to support a trustworthy and efficient marketplace, across platforms and devices. And now, consumers and governments around the world are rightfully demanding greater data privacy and transparency, therefore, our work on tools such as the Transparency and Consent Framework and Data Label have only become more important,” said Dennis Buchheim, Executive Vice President and General Manager, IAB Tech Lab. “As a brilliant engineering leader and a committed contributor to several of our most widely adopted standards, Neal Richter is the perfect person to lead our board of directors during this pivotal time of change in the global digital media ecosystem.”

“It is an absolute honour to be elected chair of Tech Lab’s board of directors,” Richter said. “Having spent the past 8 years collaborating with other members on standards like OpenRTB, I know how important our work is in building a better digital supply chain. I can’t wait to take an even larger role in driving the agenda and creating guidance and technology that supports the growth of video, audio, and other content and services worldwide.”

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