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Centro expands AI decisioning on Basis platform

November 7, 2019

Centro, a global provider of advertising technology, announced the expansion of artificial intelligence (AI) decisioning on its Basis platform to optimize campaigns towards viewability, cost-per-acquisition (CPA), or video completions. Machine learning powers the optimizations by using real-time analysis of multiple targeting parameters on all impressions to find the combination of factors with a high probability of achieving KPIs, and then placing smarter bids for those impressions. The platform hones unique optimization models for each brand, giving media professionals more time to focus on high-value strategies and business objectives. Centro also released bid multipliers within Basis, to automate higher bidding for impressions with specific targeting attributes.

Basis is the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—and is the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns. Nestled within Basis is the top programmatic ad platform, according to user review site G2. Basis is the first software system that offers a robust, self-learning and omnichannel demand side platform integrated with features that automate the entire digital media process.

“When ‘programmatic buyer’ is just one of many roles of your media team, Centro’s Basis is essential for managing multiple target audiences, creative units and tactics across numerous campaigns,” said Tony Piccirilli, digital manager at Misfit, an agency in Sacramento, CA. “The sophistication and comprehensiveness of Centro’s technology aligns perfectly with our data-driven strategy and smart activation we deliver for our clients.”

The Basis optimization suite encompasses machine learning optimization, bid multipliers and algorithmic optimization (used to pinpoint and bid higher on the best-performing domains for a campaign). This gives marketers a full menu of options to enhance cross-device audience targeting in real-time and lift campaign performance.

“In the same way that GPS navigation analyses numerous data points to find the best routes, Basis finds the most optimal way for advertisers to engage customers on any digital channel,” said Tyler Kelly, president, Centro. “By advancing the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities on Basis, Centro is giving advertisers a full tech stack for end-to-end business automation.”

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