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SpaceX launches 60 satellites

November 12, 2019

By Chris Forrester

SpaceX placed another 60 of its Starlink satellites into orbit on November 11th.

The lift-off took place at 09.56 am Florida-time from Cape Canaveral. Deployment of the 60 craft was confirmed barely one hour after launch at 10.59 am.

The SpaceX plan is to eventually have thousands of these Low Earth Orbiting satellites circling the planet and supplying broadband-by-satellite services to consumers, government and aircraft.

SpaceX already has 62 Starlink satellites in orbit, although a handful are not working correctly.

The Elon Musk-owned business used a rocket that had already been flown three times. Moreover, the rocket successfully landed after the launch and also picked up the two fairings that initially protect the rocket’s expensive cargo after launch.

A few weeks ago, SpaceX’s president Gwynne Shotwell, when asked whether the Starlink system would be successful, asked her audience whether they all liked their internet service? There was zero response, so she followed up with another question, asking whether anyone was paying less than $80 a month for a “crappy” service? “Nope. There we go. That’s why we’ll be successful.”

Musk will place another 480 satellites into orbit for Stage 1 of his project. SpaceX could start offering services later next year.

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