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OneWeb and Intelsat “never had a contract”

November 13, 2019

By Chris Forrester

Despite all manner of negotiations spread over some 17 months between would-be mega-satellite operator OneWeb and Intelsat, the pair never actually reached an agreement, says OneWeb in an application to a New York court.

OneWeb – and its financial backer Japan’s SoftBank – is asking the court to dismiss an action started on September 10th by Intelsat which specifically alleges breach of contract, fraud and conspiracy to steal confidential trade information by OneWeb.

Intelsat was an early investor in OneWeb which wants to supply broadband connectivity by its satellites to users around the world.

OneWeb’s defence is straightforward enough and argues that despite entering into a 2016 cooperation agreement, the parties never signed a “Purchase agreement” or “Service Level Agreement” and as such Intelsat’s claims be dismissed.

Moreover, OneWeb and SoftBank have released copies of various Board minutes – and Intelsat had a seat on the OneWeb board – and which they state confirms Intelsat’s knowledge of OneWeb’s strategy.

This OneWeb response is a simple statement and more detailed counter-argument will follow.

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