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Together Price UK launch

November 20, 2019

Online subscriptions cost sharing service Together Price is launching in the UK.

Established in Italy, the service is entirely based on the division of cost amongst friends, housemates, family members and colleagues that allows people to reduce the cost, by up to five times, safely and legally of subscription services such as Netflix, Spotify, NOW TV, Google Play Music and now also YouTube Premium which allows users to watch films and listen to music in the same subscription.

Together Price has already surpassed 500,000 registered users in little over a year and is setting its sights on international markets. Together Price is already available in Italy, Spain, Latin America and has now reached the UK.

Together Price notes that the passions and interests of young people are now widely reflected in the online context, and are increasingly shared with friends, relatives and roommates. Millennials and Generation Z in particular are looking for such content, and every day they make use of the numerous digital services and subscriptions and split the cost of these services with others. Adding up the costs of the most widely-used subscription services (for example Spotify, Netflix, Nintendo Switch online, DAZN, etc.) adds up to roughly £300 a year for Millennials and Generation Z: a significant expense, especially for the pockets of younger consumers. According to Together Price, It is therefore imperative to save money and do it in the simplest and safest way possible.

Together Price aims to help users save up to 80 per cent on the cost of their monthly subscriptions in a simple and secure way. In a single platform, it integrates a digital wallet to collect the shares of each user as if it were Paypal, a group chat with which to communicate in real time,  as with WhatsApp, and the features of a social network.

Together Price claims to be the first ‘Digital Identity Sharing Platform’, similar to LinkedIn, where each user can post and share career progress with their selected contacts. On Together Price, it is possible to share the usage and expenses of digital subscriptions for groups with friends, family, roommates and work colleagues.

LinkedIn’s Links and Recommendations certify the professional skills of the user, while Together Price’s Links and Relationships certify compliance with the Terms of Use required to share a subscription.

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