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Dolby Vision Studio opens in Russia and CIS

November 28, 2019

Dolby and Andy Fiord Lab have announced the opening of Russia’s first certified Dolby Vision color grading and mastering studio. The opening of the Andy Fiord Lab as a certified Dolby Vision facility will allow for the post production of HDR content for TV and streaming platforms that meets the highest international media industry standards.

Dolby Vision maximizes the experience of the HDR by delivering incredible brightness, accurate color reproduction, contrast, rich colors and dynamic metadata that make each shot look more realistic and detailed. The format provides more opportunities for content creators to bring their plans to life and control how HDR imagery will appear on TV or mobile. Today, Dolby Vision technology is supported by leading OTT services, manufacturers of televisions, tablets and smartphones.

There are over 50 Dolby Vision mastering studios in Europe and more than 2,500 hours of original content currently available in Dolby Vision format on streaming services and on Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. With the opening of the Andy Fiord Lab in Moscow, Russian creators will now be able to offer locally created content for film fans in Russia.
“Dolby Vision technology helps content creators to deliver a more compelling and immersive experience, as well as better deliver what they created in the color suite to the consumer,” – commented Alexey Ugrinovich, General Manager of Dolby Russia and CIS. “We’re pleased that our colleagues at Andy Fiord Lab were the first in Russia to support the global momentum in the growth of Dolby Vision content and provide Russian companies with the opportunity to create content that meets international industry standards.”

Andy Fiord Lab specializes in the processing of high dynamic range (HDR) video images and their experts have extensive experience in creating and rolling out innovative products, including in the field of digital television. The studio is one of the best technically equipped in the world. The project is headed by Andrey Zuev (Fiord), an astrophysicist with a PhD who is passionate about HDR and a leading specialist in this technology in Russia and globally.

“The introduction of HDR, Dolby Vision is a kind of revolution in the industry. Its importance is comparable to the transition from black and white image to a colorful one, – emphasized Andrey Zuev (Fiord). “We are glad to become the first certified Dolby Vision color correction and mastering studio in Russia and we are confident that it will allow to bring content production in Russia to a whole new level.”

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