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LaLigaSports TV launches new apps 

December 4, 2019

From David Del Valle in Madrid

La Liga is enhancing its OTT service, LaLigaSports TV, with the addition of new apps and the use of Artificial Inteligence.

With over 400,000 subscribers, LaLigaSports TV is now facing a technological revolution. The OTT service has announced the launch of Players app in 2020, targeting football fans with exclusive info about matches and players. The app will use facial recognition software to provide data about every footballer in the country, giving insights into their performances.

The platform is also launching Calendar Selector and Sunlight Broadcasting Planning apps to analyse audiences and recommend the best time to go to sporting events. The Sunlight Broadcasting Planning app will indicate the natural light conditions in every match being a useful tool to set the times for the matches also using 3D technology.

La Liga is also working on Programa Startup Competition along with the start-up SOLOS and Real Sociedad football team to implement a system to avoid fake team merchandise.. Also, it is creating a Tyche 3.0 tool to detect match-fixing and identify any irregularity in sports betting.

“The use of data and machine learning has become key in the development of La Liga as it will enable us to help the different business areas to meet their commercial objectives through the analysis and simple tools in the decision-making process,” said José Carlos Franco, Technology Director of La Liga.

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