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Analysis: Holiday programming ads see 10x higher response rate

December 11, 2019

As the holiday season is well underway, advertisers feel the pressure to deliver successful campaigns, and as TV advertising accounts for about half of all holiday ad spend, it is crucial to understand how TV advertising has performed for brands during the festive season in the past.

To answer exactly that, TVSquared analysed millions in global ad spend, from 25 DTC brands and e-commerce clients from last year’s holiday season.

The key findings include:

  • Holiday programming boasted a 10x higher response rate along with 30 per cent more efficient buys than non-holiday programming
  • Non-holiday programming had a 10x more expensive cost per response (CPR) and 27 per cent more impressions were needed to generate the same amount of response as holiday programming
  • November 15th showed an increase of 20 per cent in TV spend (matched by an increase in inventory prices!), while November 18th-24th (incorporating Black Friday) was the strongest performing week of the season with response rates 2x higher and CPR -7 per cent
  • December 2nd-12th were consistently strong performing at 20 per cent above average; December 13th was the best performing day across the board, with a 112 per cent above average response
  • Primetime TV ad spots dominated response, up by 222 per cent. Inventory cost is 22 per cent higher than other dayparts, but CPR was only 4 per cent above average

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