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AT&T/DirecTV price hikes imminent

December 11, 2019

By Chris Forrester

It may not be the happiest of new years for subscribers to AT&T’s DirecTV (or its U-Verse service) with price hikes of between $1 and $8 per month depending on the subscriber’s bundle.

Some viewers also currently enjoying discounted pricing packages will see those promo-rates end with swift substitutions to higher levels.

AT&T, in a note on its web-site, claim “higher programming costs” as the reason for the increases. The price hikes kick in on January 20th.

  • DirecTV’s Basic Choice bundle rises by $1/month
  • Family plan stays the same
  • It’s Select package goes up $4 a month
  • Total Choice adds $5 a month
  • Premier package rises $8 a month

In October AT&T revealed during its Q3 results that it had lost 1.2 million Premium subscribers during the quarter-year.

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