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Australia: hoppr targets 10m homes with Technicolor

December 12, 2019

Australian advertising technology company hoppr is seeking to roll out its digital advertising platform to more than 10 million households globally over the next 24 months.

The company has formed a partnership with global set top box manufacturer, Technicolor. The collaboration will see hoppr’s technology integrated into the operating system used by Technicolor’s set top boxes.

Former Google executive and hoppr Chief Revenue Officer, Emilia Ong said hoppr’s technology will unlock new monetisation opportunities across IPTV and OTT services.

“hopprTV has pioneered a way of delivering addressable advertising to television sets. hoppr’s technology gives advertisers greater control over audience targeting, increased revenue for networks, as well as providing the networks with the facility to reward users for tuning in,” said Ong.

hoppr’s partnership with Technicolor sits in the multinational’s ‘Connected Home Division’ – in which digital set top boxes enable the delivery of video entertainment and advanced services to subscribers over broadband, broadcast and hybrid networks. The initial roll out will target 10 million households across Europe and Asia.

“Technicolor has been working with network service providers around the world to explore new ways to serve subscribers and generate new streams of revenue. By integrating hoppr’s targeted advertising technology onto our Android TV set-top box platform, we are enhancing how network service providers in Europe and Asia deliver value.  This is critically important because these regions are projected to experience immense growth in the digital advertising sector as we move into the next decade. It is an opportunity that providers cannot afford to miss,” said Christian Lefebvre, VP Video Product Unit, Technicolor Connected Home.

hopprTV gives advertisers a range of options including pre-roll, TV display advertising as well as the ability to create specific offers and discounts for viewers. “We are facilitating a new ecosystem which starts with a more personalised and relevant video experience, while also enabling monetisation,” said Ong.

hoppr’s technology will also enable real-time reporting and analytics, so that advertisers can quantify and measure the ROI on their marketing spend.

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