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Australia, Norway, Greece climb Netflix Speed Index

December 12, 2019

Two Japanese services experienced notable increases on November’s Netflix ISP Speed Index – its monthly update on which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best prime time Netflix streaming experience.

Nifty jumped 0.45 Megabits per second (Mbps) to a 3.15 Mbps average. Freebit rose 0.25 Mbps to a 2.62 Mbps average.

However, the United States’ C Spire service saw the single biggest increase of the month, leaping 0.47 Mbps to an average of 3.79 Mbps.

Elsewhere, Chile’s Entel rose 0.4 Mbps to a 2.55 Mbps average. Australia’s Dodo/iPrimus increased 0.21 Mbps to an average of 3.97 Mbps.

Two countries — Taiwan and Indonesia — saw both increased and decreased service speeds last month. Taiwan’s FarEasTone jumped 0.2 Mbps to a 3.11 Mbps average, while Taiwan Mobile fell 0.32 Mbps to a 2.19 Mbps average.

In Indonesia, Neuviz grew by 0.27 Mbps to a 4.18 Mbps average. For the second month in a row, Indonesia’s Indosat-Fibre saw a significant drop, falling 0.2 Mbps to an average of 3.9 Mbps.

The other major decrease came from Kuwait’s Viva, which fell 0.27 Mbps to a 3.25 Mbps average.

On the country rankings, Australia rebounded nicely after falling seven spots last month. The country jumped six spots to from 18 to 12 – no doubt at least partly thanks to the increase posted by Dodo/iPrimus. Norway and Greece also rose six spots each, moving from 15 to 9 and from 34 to 28, respectively.

After posting two straight months of increases, Thailand suffered the biggest drop on the country rankings, sliding six spots from 9 to 15. Singapore and Panama each dipped four spots, from 12 to 16 and from 32 to 36, respectively.

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