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December 16, 2019

NHK WORLD-JAPAN, Japan’s global 24-hour English-language television channel, will become part of DirecTV’s basic channel lineup from today (December 16th) in the US. The channel presents an extensive range of international news and Asian lifestyle programming and is an authoritative information source on Japan and Asia.

“Carriage nationally on channel 322 of DirecTV is an important milestone for NHK WORLD-JAPAN, and we are very pleased that we will become part of the channel lineup that all viewers will receive,” said Masaru Shiromoto, president and CEO of Japan International Broadcasting (JIB), the worldwide distributor of NHK WORLD-JAPAN. “By bringing our original and diverse programming to DIRECTV, we will now have the ability to reach even more viewers, making our wide variety of programmes more accessible to new audiences. This is especially gratifying given that all eyes will be on Tokyo in 2020.”

“We’re happy to have NHK WORLD-JAPAN on DIRECTV and know that our customers will enjoy the vast array of programming the channel offers,” added Daniel York, chief content officer, AT&T.

NHK WORLD-JAPAN features original television programming from NHK, the country’s only public broadcaster, and delivers a diverse blend of programming featuring hourly live international news from Tokyo and news bureaus around the globe, along with programmes on current affairs, lifestyle, culture, food, travel, sports, technology, science, and history, with the Japan and Asian perspective.


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