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Netflix lifts veil on regional subscriber numbers

December 17, 2019

Netflix has revealed subscriber numbers for several different regions as it moves toward a more detailed breakdown of its subscribers.

The streaming giant previously disclosed subscriber numbers and financial performance for the US and globally, but the company declared that it would begin reporting four geographic regions with its first quarterly report of 2020: The US and Canada, LatAm, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa,

In preparation for that change, Netflix has disclosed numbers broken down by region for the past three years in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The breakdown shows that, unsurprisingly, the US and Canada are the biggest market with showed 67.11 million paid subscriptions. Europe, the Middle East and Africa is Netflix’s second biggest market, and has grown to 47.36 million paid subscribers as of September 30th 2019.

Latin America showed 29.38 million subscribers whilst Netflix had just 14.49 million paying subscribers in Asia Pacific as of September 3oth, its smallest total of the four regions.

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