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UPC invests millions to let customers benefit from latest innovations

December 18, 2019

As part of UPC’s growth plan, the company is investing significantly in its customer base to increase customer satisfaction. The “Customer First” programme was launched in the first quarter of 2019 to further improve the company’s network, products and customer service, with a special focus on its existing customers. Thanks to this approach, more than 150,000 customers are already enjoying the new UPC TV experience and over 240,000 customers are surfing at double the speed or more than before: as a result, the vast majority is benefiting from more value for money and an overall better customer experience. UPC notes that there has been a major improvement to satisfaction of these customers and therefore the programme will be continued in 2020.

This year UPC has invested over CHF 275 million in its network infrastructure, products, customer service, processes and systems. Today UPC offers attractive mobile packages including EU roaming on the strongest mobile network in Switzerland, gigabit Internet in the entire coverage area as well as a unique TV experience with exclusive sports content. Not only do customers now benefit from higher surfing speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s and the best TV experience in Switzerland, they can also get in touch with the company more quickly and easily. UPC now has a complete range of innovative and attractively priced products and services and continues to focus on improving the satisfaction of its existing customers.

Existing customers benefit from new products and higher speeds.

So that as many customers as possible can benefit from new products and higher Internet speeds, in June 2019 UPC announced a two-year “Customer First” programme as part of its growth plan. As planned, this programme will be continued and further expanded in 2020. It enables existing customers to upgrade their existing subscriptions with the latest offers and innovations, which in the vast majority has a positive impact on value for money and generates significant added value for customers. All upgrades come with no connection fees and no shipping costs for customers who choose the new offers. The corresponding customer groups are informed individually about their various possibilities and in 2019 customers showed a very high participation rate in choosing their desired option.

Just half a year after the launch the approach is already bearing fruit: “Thanks to the programme, around 150,000 more customers are now enjoying an improved TV experience with the innovative UPC TV Box – in total we now already have over 250,000 UPC TV boxes on the Swiss market. In addition, a further 240,000 customers are benefiting from higher surfing speeds. These changes have a positive impact on customer experience and customer satisfaction”, said Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC. “The first results are very positive and we are going to continue the programme in 2020”.

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