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Apple TV awards The Explorers ‘App of the Year’

January 2, 2020

By Chris Forrester

The Explorers, a TV production house and web-site devoted to capturing images of the Earth’s natural and human heritages, has been awarded Apple TV’s ‘App of the Year’ as part of Apple’s ‘Best of 2019’ portfolio.

The Explorers has been recording all its images in 4K and now in 8K, and invites users to also capture images and footage on their smart-phones in order to share the clips with other members of the community.

CEO Olivier Chiabodo said: “We are so happy [to have won the Award]. Our project, with The Explorers, is to take inventory of all the planet’s heritage with the latest technology: 4K/HDR. Witnesses of the living and of biodiversity, our images are a life insurance for the planet. They sensitise humanity to the earth’s marvels as well as the fragility of its ecosystems. At the closest to reality, 4K/UHD technology plunges you into total immersion in natural environments. The images’ precision, their realism, the rendering of colour make you live the adventure as if you were part of it. The Explorers, allows you to see the world as you’ve never seen before, and realise how beautiful it is, but also how frail.”

“The Explorers is a modern and visual encyclopaedia, composed of an encyclopaedist team of our time. Each grain of sand, each insect, each breath of life that we capture illustrates the will of all those, who, through history, participated in a better understanding of the world, to know it and transmit this knowledge. It is to us now, humbly, to pursue this path with the new lights of this century, to contribute to preserve our common heritage, a blue globe we have to preserve if we want it to remain a human place,” he added.

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