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Indonesia: indoXXi closes piracy websites

January 3, 2020

The Indonesia-based indoXXi group, which controls a large number of illegal piracy websites and applications, has claimed that it had officially closed its operations as of January 1st. The announcement was made via various social media accounts.

“Happy New Year 2020. As of today our site is no longer accessible, as is the case with the Indoxxi lite application. Thank you for being a loyal viewer of INDOXXI until now, always support the creative industry to be more advanced in the future. Greetings, INDOXXI”

Some indoXXi streaming sites cannot currently be accessed and the URL links to a pop up which states: “Goodbye 2019, Goodbye indoXXi. Thank you.” However there are still a number of indoXXi sites which remain operational and provide access to pirated Indonesian and international content.

The US-based web traffic analysis company, Alexa, which measures website popularity, ranks indoXXi as the 721st most popular website in the world. IndoXXi is also ranked within the top 100 most popular websites in Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan.

Following the December release of an AVIA commissioned YouGov survey which found that 63 per cent of Indonesians access piracy streaming websites, the Indonesian government vowed to identify and prosecute those operating the indoXXi piracy websites unless they cease their operations.

Joko Anwar, one of Indonesia’s most successful film directors, stated: “Piracy is not a victimless crime. It hurts the whole of the film industry, dampening its growth which in turn lessens the opportunities for more people to work in the field and threatens the liveilhoods of those already working in our industry.”

Chand Parwez, Chairman of Asosiasi Perusahaan Film Indonesia (APFI) added: “indoXXI may have claimed to have voluntarily shut down their illicit services, what’s important is that APFI, the Video Coalition of Indonesia, and KOMINFO continue to pro-actively fight piracy. Considering the innumerable costs of copyright infringement, we must keep up our guard and continue to do all that we can to combat piracy websites that not only steal content but also use their platforms to actively promote illigal activities including gambling. One battle does not win a war and APFI will continue to fight.”

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