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Virgin Media free broadband boost for over 1m customers

January 7, 2020

Over a million Virgin Media customers in the UK are set to receive a completely free boost to the provider’s M100 broadband, meaning they’ll benefit from average broadband speeds of 108Mbps – around twice as fast as the UK average.

Under the plan, more than half a million Virgin Media customers can expect to see their broadband speeds double with some seeing their speeds increase fivefold. For most customers, this will mean they can enjoy ultrafast broadband significantly faster than the top services offered by many other internet providers.

Eligible customers won’t pay anything for their services with their speed boosted automatically. A notification will be sent to these customers once their upgrade has been completed.

Annie Brooks, Executive Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media, said: “We’re starting 2020 with a broadband bang by rewarding our loyal customers with this free speed upgrade so even more people can experience our ultrafast, future-proof connectivity.

“As the UK’s fastest widely available broadband provider, we want to banish buffering and let our customers live without limits so they can do everything they want to online, at the same time, without delay. Whether they’re streaming UHD movies on demand while downloading the latest game, or simply browsing the web, we’ve got our customers covered.”

With Virgin Media’s ultrafast M100 connection, 4K films, TV programmes, the latest video games and large files can be downloaded rapidly, even with multiple devices using the connection simultaneously. Speeds around twice as fast as the UK’s average connection mean that with the connection users can:

  • Download a HD film (5GB) in just over 7 minutes
  • Download the popular game, Fortnite, on an Xbox (approximately 31.4GB), in less than 45 minutes

Last year, Virgin Media launched its fastest home broadband service with residents in and around Southampton, Manchester and Reading able to benefit from gigabit speeds. The operator’s Gig1 service offers connectivity up to 20 times faster than UK average broadband speed and is being rolled out across the country to bring gigabit connectivity to around 15 million homes by the end of 2021.

Once the upgrade to M100 has completed, Virgin Media’s average speed across its entire broadband base will rise to more than 150Mbps helping to further elevate the UK’s broadband speed standing. As a demonstration of the impact Virgin Media’s continued network investment and innovation has, if the provider were a country in its own right it would rank 4th in the world – just behind Hong Kong. With next-generation gigabit speeds becoming available across Virgin Media’s network, this average will continue to increase.

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