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TRIAX enables IPTV and streaming over coax at low cost to hotels

January 14, 2020

The new TRIAX EoC MediaConverter enables hotels to offer guests the latest IPTV, streaming and cloud gaming services over their existing coax cables.

“As guest demand for connected entertainment continues to explode, hotels need a fast, reliable IP network delivered to every in-room TV,” says Peter Lyhne Uhrenholt, TRIAX CEO. “The TRIAX EoC MediaConverter is a game-changing device, giving hotels the network capacity they need to meet customer expectations now and in the future.”

The TRIAX EoC MediaConverter sends network signals from the coax cables already installed in the hotel, straight to the TV or a connected streaming device.

Hotels can benefit from low project costs, as there’s no need to replace existing cables. There’ll be no disruption to guests and no loss of revenue, as the EoC MediaConverter is installed within minutes in each room, out of sight and tamper-proof behind the TV.

TRIAX EoC (Ethernet over Coax) uses Wave 2 technology to send a 1 Gbps IP network around the hotel.

“Using this latest technology unleashes the potential of coax cables,” says Knud Madsen, TRIAX Product Manager, EoC. “It’s easier to configure, faster, and more reliable than alternative IP over coax solutions.”

The TRIAX EoC family includes an Ethernet over Coax Controller and flexible Wi-Fi access points. It is designed and produced by TRIAX in Denmark, and is available now from local sales representatives.

As an integral part of TRIAX’s continued focus on innovative and reliable solutions for the hospitality sector, TRIAX’s strong R+D team will continue to introduce even more ground-breaking technological, time-saving and value-creating features to the TRIAX EoC Solution in the near future.

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