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K7 Media supports UK indies

January 20, 2020

K7 Media is working in collaboration with Pact on its new online tool to help support the commercial interests of UK independent television, film, digital, children’s and animation media companies in an ever competitive global marketplace.

The Pact Growth Accelerator provides a wealth of resources for independents throughout the UK. Designed to help them grow and develop, the online tool includes business advice, HR support, information on global buyers and new ways to monetise.

As part of the Pact Growth Accelerator, K7 Media has provided access to industry reports, including ‘What are EU watching?’, a detailed report on TV in Europe.

Alongside making expert industry insights available to Pact members, K7 Media is also offering a consultation related to the indie’s specific needs, as part of a wider trial of K7 Media’s services.

Speaking on K7 Media’s involvement in the project, K7’s Head of Strategy, Girts Licis, said: “Pact’s new tool is one of a kind, it offers a wealth of resources for those working in the UK’s thriving indie market.

“K7 Media is an international business with its feet firmly in the UK, but with a global exposure. We feel we are in a strong position to share some of our expertise and insights. We are in the privileged position to be able to work as an extension of an indie’s team, when it proves necessary to bring in that additional global element.”

The international media consultancy will provide ongoing support for the online tool, offering additional research and expertise on topics, including market and programming trends; evaluation of scripted and unscripted formats and their travelling potential; and will also provide assistance with pitch preparation as well as with establishing international partnerships and deal-making.

K7 Media offers bespoke research and media consulting services to broadcasters, streaming platforms, distributors and production companies. K7 continues to expand its current range of client services, while maintaining the delivery of highly sought after media reports.

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