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NETINT joins HDR 10+ Ecosystem as Certified Solution Provider

January 22, 2020

NETINT Technologies, an innovator of computational storage and video processing SoC solutions, has announced its certification as an official HDR10+ adopter. This certification by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, ensures manufacturers meet the highest standards of quality and performance for their HDR10+ solutions.

HDR10+ Technologies, LLC was founded by Twentieth Century Fox HDR10+, LLC, Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd and is responsible for the licensing of the HDR10+ specifications to other industry partners including SoC vendors, source providers, display manufacturers, content companies and tool vendors.

NETINT’s Codensity video transcoding technology supports HDR10+ and features real-time, high-quality, scalable transcoding for live video streaming, which is enabled by harnessing the inherent advantages of ASIC-based encoding with the scalability of NVMe cloud storage infrastructure.

Each Codensity T408 Video Transcoder module features ASIC-based H.264 AVC and H.265 HEVC video processing which enables high quality transcoding of HDR10+ content at up to 8K UHD resolution more economically when compared to alternative transcoding technologies.

Codensity T408 Video Transcoder U.2 modules integrate with host servers as an NVMe-based device. This advanced architecture enables ultra-dense transcoding capacity within an NVMe server architecture.

The HDR10+ Logo and Certification program currently supports display technology, including mobile displays, content and distribution solutions, including UHD Blu-ray and OTT streaming platforms, SoC components and tools for generating and encoding HDR10+ content

HDR10+ is an enhanced version of HDR10 and maximizes the black level and peak brightness of content on display devices with the resulting images more closely resembling the creative intent of directors. The HDR10+ Technologies Certification and Logo program simplifies the process for consumers to find devices, content and services that deliver this immersive HDR viewing experience.

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