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Serbian news channel N1 on PostTV

January 29, 2020

POST Luxembourg and N1 have finalised a deal to bring the channel to PostTV. This agreement will see PostTV subscribers have access to news and entertainment from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia. N1 is another addition to POST Luxembourg’s IPTV platform, as it diversifies and expands its content to cater for its subscribers.

PostTV is the leading local IPTV provider in Luxembourg.

N1 is a 24hr news TV headquartered in Luxembourg with news centers in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and is an affiliate partner of CNN. The channel delivers quality and independent daily news, and its programming includes news briefs, talk shows, breaking news, sports, culture and documentaries. It is highly acclaimed for its bold reporting on governance, humanitarian and social issues and is the leading independent news source in the region.

The channel is available on the Entertain Me package.

Sven Breckler, CEO Alteox, said: “We are happy about the introduction of N1 to PostTV, which is an indication of our commitment to our customers wherever they are. We continue to ensure that we provide content that caters to their diversity and needs”

“N1 is proud to be available now on POST Luxembourg’s IPTV platform and to co-operate with such a strong partner. We believe that Luxembourgish residents coming from that region will watch our channel frequently”, added Ralf Manthey, Programme Director of AdriaNews S.à.r.l., the mother company of N1.

The news channel is now available to all PostTV subscribers.

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