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TV Licence cost set to rise

February 3, 2020

The UK government has confirmed that from April 1st 2020, the cost of the annual TV licence fee will increase from £154.50 to £157.50.

The government is responsible for setting the level of the licence fee and announced in 2016 it would rise in line with inflation for five years from April 1st 2017.

The BBC points out that the new licence fee amount equates to £3.02 a week or £13.13 a month, for which the broadcaster provides nine national TV channels plus regional programming; 10 national radio stations, 40 local radio stations plus dedicated Nations radio services; the radio app BBC Sounds; and BBC iPlayer.

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) laid a Statutory Instrument to Parliament, introducing the licence fee increase.

Anyone watching or recording TV programmes as they are shown on TV, or watching or downloading BBC programmes on iPlayer, needs to be covered by a licence. This applies whether they are using a TV set, computer, or any other equipment.

The increase has been calculated by government using the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rate of inflation, measured as the average rate of CPI over the last 12 months to September 2019, which works out at 2.00 per cent.

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