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Admongrel TV Analytics launches EPG integration

February 5, 2020

With over 20 million actual events captured by its panel every day, Admongrel Real Time Analytics measures the real TV programming consumed by households, to give broadcasters and subsequently advertisers and agencies a true understanding of the merits of the service and helps them optimise their strategies.

Admongrel TV Analytics is now integrating the  Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) data into its real time analytics panel giving broadcasters even more insight into programme consumption and allowing them to make timely programming decisions.

Through the Admongrel panel, users can use the ‘TOGGLE ASRUN’ button to overlay the programme data which is synchronised with the channel switch data. The panel also automatically highlights (in yellow) where advertising and promos are inserted in the broadcast stream.

Usres can now track the exact points in the programme where households are switching in, or out, of the broadcast. Furthermore users can clearly track the effect of promos and commercials on  viewing behaviour. By simply tracking the cursor along the curve users will be able to see the reaction of viewers to the content.

The Admongrel panel can also provide more granular data. By clicking the ‘Minute Based’ button, users can analyse various events, such as % switch out of channel at each commercial break or the time taken for the channel to return to peak viewing after a commercial break.

Admongrel is committed to developing these tools, making it easy for media owners, planners and buyers to draw the insights they need from the most comprehensive TV data set.

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