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Record Wi-Fi usage at Super Bowl LIV

February 7, 2020

Signalling technology’s massive presence in sports, a record 26.42 terabytes of data was transferred within the stadium during Super Bowl LIV in Miami on February 2nd – an increase of 9.9 per cent from last year’s NFL championship game, despite being held at a smaller-capacity stadium with nearly 10,000 fewer fans

Extreme Networks, the official Wi-Fi solutions provider of the NFL and of Super Bowl LIV, provided all of the Wi-Fi infrastructure for the event and analysed the record-breaking increase in fan engagement, as well as trends in user behaviour, throughout the game. The results show Instagram was the top driver of Wi-Fi usage, and each user consumed an average of 595.6 megabytes of data – an increase of 21 per cent per user over last year’s Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl LIV by the Numbers:

  • Data Transferred: 26.42 TB

○      Before Kick-off: 11.1 TB

○      After Kick-off: 15.32 TB

  • Network Spikes

o   Peak Concurrent Users: 24,837 (pre-game)

o   Peak Network Utilisation: 10.4 Gbps (pre-game)

  • Game Attendance: 62,417
  • Fan Engagement

○      Number of Users: 44,358

○      Adoption Rate: 71%

○      Average Usage Per Device: 595.6 MB

  • Most Popular Apps

○      Most Used Streaming Apps

■      iTunes

■      Apple Streaming

■      YouTube

■      Spotify

■      Netflix

○      Most Used Social Apps

■      Facebook

■      Instagram

■      Twitter

■      Snapchat

■      Bitmoji

○      Most Used Sporting Apps

■      ESPN

■      NFL

■      NFL OnePass

■      CBS Sports

■      ESPN Go

John Brams, Director, Hospitality, Sports and Entertainment at Extreme Networks, said: “This is the seventh consecutive year we’ve provided data and analytics for the Super Bowl, and once again we’ve seen record-breaking Wi-Fi usage. With years of these reports in hand now, it’s clear the metrics signaling fans’ insatiable data demands are not anomalous, but part of a longer-term trend that’s here to stay. And as NFL teams start to embrace Wi-Fi 6 moving forward, stadiums will be able to provide even more compelling, cutting-edge experiences to fans across the league – further cementing the NFL as a technology pioneer.”

Aaron Amendolia, VP of IT Services at NFL, added: “The Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year for the NFL, and it takes a deep bench of innovative and collaborative technology partners to make it a success. Year after year, Extreme provides industry-leading technology and expertise that help us ensure the best possible gameday. In addition to providing Wi-Fi connectivity, Extreme’s analytics software provides granular insights that we can use to optimise the in-stadium experience in real time. The data generated on fan behavior also informs our long-term strategy, guiding us to new areas we should invest in to continue to improve the fan experience.”

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