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Survey: Kids choose TV content for family viewing

February 12, 2020

ViacomCBS, parent company of kids service Nickelodeon, has released a research study which finds that today’s kids come first in their households, and that the parent/kid relationship is closer than ever before.

The study, which includes a global survey of over 8,000 parents of kids under age 12 across 16 countries, as well as a literature review and expert interviews, found that 72 per cent of kids globally play a role in household decisions, with 60 per cent of parents surveyed saying that when watching TV together, their child usually chooses what to watch. In addition, nearly 60 per cent of parents today use screen time to reward good behaviour, which reinforces the importance of play—nearly 90 per cent of parents surveyed believe their children learn best through play.

Global consensus revealed that for some, parental peer pressure can be a challenge; however, parents are concerned about many other things in relation to their kids’ lives. Children’s future, mental health and bullying ranked as the top three worries parents have globally regarding their kids.

Key findings include:

–  58 per cent of parents agree “I use TV or screen time to reward good behaviour from my child”
– 80 per cent of parents agree “I limit screen time for my child as much as possible”
– 84 per cent of parents agree “Watching TV together is great for family bonding time”
– 65 per cent of parents agree “Playing video games can be good for a child’s development”

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