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NHK to cover Olympics in 8K

March 6, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Japan’s public broadcaster NHK says it will provide widespread coverage of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympics in 8K.

The Olympic Games broadcasts in 8K will cover seven events, including the opening and closing ceremonies, swimming, football, judo, and athletics, and the Paralympic Games will cover four events, including the opening and closing ceremonies and also swimming and athletics.

This is the first time the Paralympics will be covered in 8K.

In addition, at the opening and closing ceremonies of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, helicopters equipped with 8K cameras will be used to broadcast live images above Japan’s National Stadium. This is the first attempt to broadcast 8K video live from a helicopter, says NHK.

The schedule means that on every day of the Tokyo Games there will be 8K transmissions.

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