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TokuSHOUTsu on Pluto TV in US

March 16, 2020

The worlds of tokusatsu ­– the Japanese entertainment genre known for its unique special effects and epic battles – will launch on Pluto TV in the US on March 17th, when Shout! Factory TV introduces the new 24/7 linear streaming channel TokuSHOUTsu.

Completely free to Pluto TV’s 22+ million monthly active users in the US, the ad-supported TokuSHOUTsu will be home to the U.S. debut of Kamen Rider, beginning with the inaugural 98-episode series from 1971, and with much more to come. TokuSHOUTsu will also launch with Ultraman Leo, as well as Super Sentai, the globally popular series that ultimately led to the Power Rangers phenomenon. TokuSHOUTsu presents tokusatsu content not available on any leading streaming service, curated especially for fans of this widely influential genre.

“We’re so proud to launch TokuSHOUTsu as the ultimate destination for fans to watch the best tokusatsu content spanning more than 60 years,” said Gene Pao, Shout! Factory’s senior vice president, digital enterprises. “We know fans have come to appreciate the carefully curated content that Shout! Factory distributes, and we’ve created this channel with the legions of tokusatsu enthusiasts in mind. We’re thrilled to add it to our umbrella of fan-centric streaming options.”

Kamen Rider is the number one kids’ programme in Japan, and is still beloved after all these years,” said Shin-ichiro Shirakura, producer of Kamen Rider. “We are so excited that the show will finally be available for all of our fans in North America.”

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