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JW Player launches suite of video advertising targeting products

March 26, 2020

JW Player announces three new video advertising solutions to improve the effectiveness of  digital media campaigns and reduce wastage.  Now, brands and their agencies can now target their video campaigns based on brand safety and content relevance analysis of the video itself, rather than text on the web page hosting the video.  Advertisers can also benefit from viewability targeting based on real-time signals from the video player itself.

More than 12,000 publishing sites use JW Player technology to stream, play, engage and monetize video on their sites, powering over 10 billion monthly plays.  Each video is classified on a range of data points available only to the player, including player location and viewer engagement, facilitating precise video ad targeting at scale.

“No one else can offer the scale we have on the open web, powering video playback on over 50% of the US Comscore Top 50 digital properties,” explains Michael Schwalb, Co-GM of Advertising at JW Player.  “We’ve harnessed this to provide advertisers with tools based on video player data for brand safety, content targeting and viewability that outperform the current page text based solutions. Collectively they bring together agencies, data providers and digital media publishers to unlock the full power of video advertising.”

The products build on JW Player’s history of video engagement and monetization, which includes a patent-winning solution for Video Player Bidding live with four partners SpotX, EMX, Telaria and PubMatic.

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