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Research: US cable news consumption up 73% YoY

March 26, 2020

Research from Comscore finds that in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Americans see television as a vital resource. An analysis of preliminary live viewing data from Comscore’s footprint of more than 60 million TVs nationwide uncovered several key trends to watch:

  • Viewing of cable news networks increased 73 per cent vs. the same week in 2019 (comparing March 16-20 to the same week in 2019). “Daytime” and “Early Fringe” (4:00 to 7:30 p.m.) viewing is driving this increase, with 102 per cent and nearly 82 per cent increases vs. the same week in 2019, respectively.
  • Financial news networks saw a significant viewing bump. Looking at two of the highest rated financial news networks in aggregate, we see huge increases across dayparts. Specifically, Early Fringe had nearly 160 per cent increase vs. the same week in 2019 and Daytime had a nearly 140 per cent increase.
  • Viewing of the big four broadcast networks has increased nearly 19 per cent vs the same week in 2019 (includes ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox). Once again, “Daytime” and “Early Fringe” viewing are driving this trend with 31 per cent and 35 per cent increases vs. the same week in 2019, respectively.
  • Daytime viewing of children’s programming networks has increased nearly 31 per cent.

“Our information shows that in these uncertain times, Americans are relying heavily on television for both news and entertainment,” said Bill Livek, CEO, Comscore. “Advertisers who are seeking to fine-tune their media plans amid the ongoing shifts in consumer behaviour should take advantage of the highly-engaged audiences across the TV spectrum.”

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