Advanced Television

AVIWEST’s latest live video innovations

March 27, 2020

At CABSAT 2020, AVIWEST was preparing to demonstrate the latest innovations and enhancements in live video contribution, distribution, and connectivity solutions. Using AVIWEST’s advanced video contribution platform, broadcasters can capture and deliver live 4K, HD, and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G — and now 5G — cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. This is made possible thanks to AVIWEST’s proprietary IP bonding technology, which was recently honoured with a second prestigious NATAS Emmy Award.

AVIWEST would have presented its double Emmy Award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which is is implemented in all of its products. SST aggregates multiple IP network connections, dynamically adapting video bitrates according to network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content, and supporting the retransmission of lost data. The company will also showcase how SST can significantly enhance a broadcaster’s overall live video production and distribution workflow with innovative functionality (e.g. data hotspot, remote control, video return, intercom), without compromising stream quality.

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