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Survey: Viewers watching TV to “escape from reality”

March 30, 2020

TV Time, the TV and movie tracking tool, is releasing a UK-based survey around viewing habits while people are social distancing. The goal was to assess not just what they’re watching but why they’re watching during this volatile time period. The key findings include:

  • Among those planning to stay home/isolate, 90 per cent are intending to increase their TV consumption during this period.
  • To tap into the mood among viewers, the survey asked what was motivating their viewing choices; 80 per cent of respondents said they wanted to watch shows already on their watch list, implying that this period of viewership could be used to watch shows that people have been meaning to get around to. Other popular motivations were to give them an escape from reality (76 per cent), to make them laugh (77 per cent), with comforting them at about half (59 per cent). Only 15 per cent of respondents said they plan to watch news, indicating they are largely turning to TV for entertainment.
  • When asked what types of shows respondents were planning to watch during this time period, the most popular choices were Dramas (80 per cent) and Comedies (79 per cent), followed by SciFi/Fantasy at 69 per cent. A notable group of viewers (22 per cent) also said they are interested in Reality TV viewing. Only 8 per cent selected “Sports-Related” content during the absence of most live sports.
  • The survey reveals that viewers are generally looking for lighter entertainment and escapism from today’s headlines.


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