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MBC Group sees surge in TV consumption during Covid-19

April 2, 2020

As the global health pandemic continues to worsen, more people are isolating themselves and consumers consequently watching more TV content and streaming more online content for entertainment.

New data suggests that the stay-at-home culture could be providing opportunities for certain businesses. The Middle East Broadcasting Centre (MBC) Group, for example, has reported a significant surge in its overall performance, as well as its individual channels, as viewers in the region stay at home.

Most countries across the globe have implemented a series of precautionary measures to stem the spread of the virus. Flights have been temporarily cancelled in affected areas and many other countries have shut down movie theatres, closed schools, malls, cafes, gyms and restaurants. MBC Group says that these “behavioural changes have resulted in greater consumption of premium television content and entertainment.”

In the third week of March, MBC Group’s television rating points (TRPs) increased by 13 per cent compared to February, while the average time spent per day on television rose by 11 per cent to 5.6 hours. Data from the group also showed a surge in ratings beyond the regular TV peak times.

Appetite for MBC’s content across its channels has likewise gone up. Al Arabiya saw an 85 per cent increase in TRPs in the third week of March compared to February.

MBC Group’s share of the Saudi TV viewers audience during the third week of March stood at 52 per cent, an 8 per cent increase compared to February, while the competition grabbed the remaining 48 per cent of the audience.

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