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fuboTV backs ‘Virtual Mayweather’

April 9, 2020

fuboTV, FaceBank, Floyd Mayweather and ONE Entertainment Group have announced a joint venture to create and manage the world-renowned retired professional boxing champion and promoter’s digital likeness, “’irtual Mayweather’.

The partnership was created to protect and exploit the brand name and likeness of Virtual Mayweather for multiple multi-media opportunities in current and future form content scenarios. Under the partnership, one of the projects that the companies intend to develop is virtual boxing matchups pitting Mayweather’s digital likeness against other boxing legends and icons. Resembling short films, these precise, real-time simulations will feature top-secret results based on a modeling computer that will make incremental relationships between actual performance, velocity of punches, speed of reaction, strategy and stamina. These unprecedented virtual boxing matches will be exclusive to live TV streaming platform fuboTV and pay-per-view partners to be announced.

FaceBank will work with Mayweather to research, capture and analyse photographic, filmed and mathematical representations of his face and body to develop a comprehensive and hyper-realistic, computer-generated ‘digital likeness’ for global and commercial applications. The company expects to announce similar agreements with other sports icons in the coming weeks.

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