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PBS NewsHour partners with Grabyo

April 14, 2020

PBS NewsHour, the nightly news broadcast on PBS and digital reporting operation, recently transitioned much of its live streaming and digital production and publication efforts to Grabyo’s Studio and Producer platforms.

NewsHour’s digital team recently began using Grabyo Studio to clip, edit and share videos across its online platforms in real-time, while transitioning to Grabyo Producer to deliver live streams across its digital channels. The Grabyo platform is accessed through a web-browser, removing the need for additional hardware, software or training.

Utilizing Grabyo’s cloud video platform, NewsHour producers are able to produce digital and social video from anywhere in the world, using only a laptop and internet connection. This partnership will ensure PBS NewsHour can maintain its content output without compromising its standards of quality and reliability.

This partnership comes at a time when audiences are increasingly turning to social media for live news updates. Digital news consumption has disrupted the traditional news programming cycle.

Today’s audiences will not always wait for the next TV news bulletin to keep up to date. Especially as the daily news cycle continues to move at a rapid pace.

Broadcasters must adapt to reach audiences with content as-it-happens, on the platforms they use most frequently, to make sure audiences are informed and stay engaged.

Mike Kelley, Grabyo President of Americas, comments: “PBS NewsHour delivers important news to the people of America and around the world. We are proud that this partnership will make it easier for consumers to access the news that matters to them. It’s important that broadcasters make content as accessible as possible, reaching audiences at any time, across the most popular devices. Enhancing the PBS NewsHour social video strategy will encourage more active participation with news coverage, driving views and engagement with topical issues.”

James Y. Williams, PBS NewsHour, PBS NewsHour’s executive director of digital, added, “Partnering with Grabyo has allowed us to deliver our trusted news programming to more people across the world. We aim to reach as broad an audience as possible and want our channels to be a go-to source for reliable news coverage. This means increasing access to content and speeding up publishing workflows without jeopardizing our reporting standards. Grabyo’s platform helps us do just that.”

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