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Edgeware showcases StreamPilot session control platform

April 15, 2020

Edgeware would have been exhibiting its latest technological innovations at NAB, including its client independent session control platform StreamPilot, which would have made its US debut at the show.

StreamPilot gives broadcasters and providers of streamed media an unprecedented level of control when delivering OTT TV content to their viewers across a multi-CDN environment. The platform measures, controls and manages per segment – completely agnostic to the client device and delivering CDN – in order to optimize the delivery of every single streaming segment for best possible quality of experience (QoE) and lowest delivery cost. Located server side, between the client and the delivering CDN, it monitors every single client session and provides real-time session-based user statistics to see trends and alleviate quality problems. It also supports all media formats, including live, video on demand (VoD), DASH (for Android clients) and HLS (for iPhone clients).

Edgeware’s Virtual Channel Creation would have also been showcased at Edgeware’s booth. The solution enables broadcasters to create tailor-made online channels based on viewers’ geographical location. The solution enables a cost-efficient way to stitch content from various sources into a linear channel and form alternative OTT versions of the channel, such as ones that are relevant for viewers in a specific region. Up until now, this has required significant addition of encoder and storage capacity which Virtual Channel Creation avoids.


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