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Quicklink IP Remote Commentary solution

April 15, 2020

The Quicklink Remote Commentary solution was set to be shown at NAB.

The Remote Commentary solution allows production teams to add synchronised real-time commentary from any location with an internet connection. It enables the commentator/castor to view the live event in a webpage and have their commentary added into the live programme.

By utilising the Remote Commentary solution, production teams can produce more, reach more, and add value to their broadcasts through content localisation.

When requiring synced commentary, Quicklink’s Sync Sound algorithm makes sure the remote commentary mixed to the live event is always synchronised before output for broadcast.

This a true ‘plug-and-play’ solution. We received a commentary solution that perfectly suits our needs. The Quicklink Remote Commentary Solution is stable, simple and reliable,” said Martin Reich, CEO of Audioconsulting AG.

Quicklink’s solution is available as on-premise dedicated hardware or as SaaS. The Software as a Service option allows multiple commentary channels to be started, scaling the system quickly without the requirement to deploy additional on-premise hardware.

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