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Survey: Potential Peacock users gravitate to free tier

April 16, 2020

TV Time has released a study examining consumer awareness of and interest in subscribing to Peacock. The VoD service from NBCUniversal preview launched in the US this week, ahead of its full launch on July 15th.

The findings are based on 4,185 respondents who are active users of the TV Time app in the US. The survey was conducted before the Covid-19 outbreak.

The survey key findings include:

– Among people who are aware of Peacock (35 per cent), twenty-six per cent said they are likely to subscribe.

– Current NBC shows are the biggest draw. Just over half (51 per cent) of total respondents said they were most interested in accessing and viewing currently airing NBCU shows on Peacock. This could be attributed to the prevalence of cord-cutting, whereby many consumers have dropped traditional Cable/Telco/DTH services and don’t have access to live broadcast content.

– Only 29 per cent expressed interest in live sports, indicating Peacock may find success without having live sports or the Olympics at launch on July 15th due to Covid-19.

– Among total respondents, consumers were more inclined to say they would select the lower-priced tiers, either Peacock Free (45 per cent) or the cheaper Peacock Ad-Supported (26 per cent) model, versus the pricier Peacock Premium option (30 per cent), indicating that people are leaning towards an AVoD model as they have so many SVoD subscriptions already.

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