Advanced Television


April 21, 2020

Lockdowns and social isolation have seen new records set in online video traffic: SVoD, AVoD, catch-up, and game play have all jumped just as an unavoidable exponential growth in home working and home education has arrived to share the networks. Can global networks cope and will the nature of online video be changed forever?

What does the most current data on streaming volumes and behaviour reveal? What solutions are winning out as people get creative to stay connected? Are CDNs coping, is there plenty of headroom? Are lowered bitrates really necessary? What effect will they have on UHD evolution?

What techniques are CDNs using to accommodate dynamically changing demands in terms of both volume and timing?

In future, what might a new normal look like? To what extent will home-working stick? Home education? Alternative events – virtual concerts, sports matches and the like? Will new use cases and behaviours contain opportunities for online providers? How is gambling – and industry that relies on the relationship between live events and online – faring, and how will it bounce back?

Join the free thought-leadership discussion hosted by Advanced Television and Limelight Networks on May 12th.

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