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SkyPerfect JSAT delays financials

April 24, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Japan’s SkyPerfectJSAT is delaying releasing its financial reports because of the Coronavirus.

The company, which has a fleet of satellites beaming channels and services into Japan, says that their staff have been working from home since February 28th.

“However, in response to the Japanese government’s Declaration of Emergency Issues based on the Law Concerning Special Measures Against the New Influenza, etc., we anticipate a delay in the finalisation of financial results, including accounting audits, as we proceed with financial closing and auditing procedures while giving due consideration to ensuring the safety of our employees and auditors. Therefore, we plan to postpone the announcement of our consolidated financial results, which was scheduled for May 13th 2020, to June 26th 2020,” states the company.

SkyPerfect’s Annual Report will also be delayed from June 30th to July 30th.

The company added: “Regarding the outlook for the future, in the Media Business, we may not be able to expect increasing new subscribers as usual due to the delay in the beginning of professional baseball league season and other sporting content, as well as the cancellation or postponement of music live content. In the Space business, the use of satellite lines provided for mobile communications may be affected by such factors as reduced flights of ships and aircrafts. We plan to explain the impact on our business for the year ending March 31st 2021 when we announce our results on June 26th 2020.”

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