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Study: Covid-19 ads positive impact on brand favourability

May 1, 2020

Data from Unruly, the programmatic video marketplace, has found that directly addressing the Covid-19 pandemic appropriately in TV commercials has had a positive impact on brand favourability in the US

Budweiser’s One Team ad stood out from many other brands receiving a 57.10 per cent favourability score. Other brands that are earning high favourability from consumers as a result of their ads during this time are Ford, Google, Guinness, Hyundai and Oreo.

Unruly’s study takes an in-depth look at the impact of Covid-19 ads leveraging UnrulyEQ to measure the dominant emotional reactions and to track brand recall, favourability and purchase intent.

The study found:

  • Lysol had the only ad to not drive an intense emotional response (above the average)
  • Google’s Thanks Healthcare ad inspired 20.9 per cent more people than average US ad
  • Covid-19 ads lead to a lower than average brand recall
  • Nike Can’t Stop Us Ad defied the recall trend with 72 per cent of consumers recalling the brand
  • Oreo’s Stay Playful ad won the day when it came to happiness — more than any other ad at 37.1 per cent
  • 37 per cent of consumers were seeking ads that would make them happy


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