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Study: Animation most-watched lockdown genre

May 14, 2020

According to stream-tracking website Reelgood, animated content has seen a 22 per cent spike in total stream time during the lockdown period.

Rick and Morty leads the charge for animated shows, along with the likes of Steven Universe Future and The Simpsons.

Following on animation’s heels are family movies at 16.95 per cent, while cult classics (15.3 per cent), musicals (12.59 per cent) and fantasy (11.36 per cent) also experienced periods of growth and rounded out the top five.

On the flipside, genres many would consider ‘downers’ of sorts saw decreased activity. The crime genre (11.8 per cent decrease) led the way for genres suffering the most viewership decline followed by horror (8.38 per cent decrease) and history (8.01 per cent decrease).

Popular feel-good sitcoms such as The Office (US), Community (which recently landed on Netflix), Modern Family (ditto), Parks & Recreation, Friends and The Good Place conversely have all drawn strong streaming audiences during lockdown.

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