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A+E Networks’ History 35% viewership rise

May 18, 2020

A+E Networks UK channel History saw its best ratings increases in years as the channel grew 35 per cent in all homes compared to the first quarter of 2020: more than four times the 8 per cent growth seen in total TV. Record numbers of viewers in April were attracted by new commissions combined with hit series from the US.

Year on year, History’s viewership is up by 46 per cent: which is more than double the increase of 21 per cent in total TV across all homes. April 2020 was the highest rating month for History since October 2013, and the final week of the month saw an impressive 53 per cent audience uplift compared to the 52-week average.

The opening episode of the UK commission from Fired-Up Films: Lost Relics of the Knights Templar, became the channel’s highest rating commissioned episode ever. The premiere episode pulled in a total audience of more than 400,000, as viewers followed treasure hunters tracing the origin of an amazing hoard of relics.

The popular Curse of Oak Island, now in its seventh series, continues to engross fans, as it pulled in History’s best ever consolidated viewing figures for a non-fiction show – more than 460,000 viewers.

Heather Jones, GM and SVP, Content and Creative at A+E Networks UK, said: “In such uncertain times, there is a human instinct to understand more about the past in order to help us make sense of the present. It’s natural that History’s informative and engaging shows are resonating so much with viewers; audiences seek out our brand when their lives are changing in unexpected and surprising ways.”

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