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DocuBay on Roku devices in US & Europe

May 27, 2020

DocuBay, the premium streaming service by IN10 Media Network, is now available on Roku streaming devices in the US, UK, Republic of Ireland and France.

The DocuBay channel is now available from the Roku Channel Store on Roku devices, expanding DocuBay’s availability to millions of consumers. Roku users now have access to DocuBay’s premium documentary film library that includes HD and 4K titles across a variety of genres or such as PoliticsBay, TravelBay, SportsBay, ScienceBay, and CrimeBay, as well as the latest TechBay, in partnership with US-based Big Media as previously announced.

Girish Dwibhashyam, VP of Strategy at DocuBay, stated: “With DocuBay’s launch on Roku streaming devices, we’re continuing our efforts to expand across the world. We look forward to new viewers discovering the DocuBay app and premium content library that features truly unique stories and global perspectives. Being accessible to documentary film fans no matter which platform or device they happen to be using remains a top priority for us.”

DocuBay is available in 180+ countries across devices and platforms such as the App Store, Google Play, Roku streaming players, Roku TV models, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV, among others.

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