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Russia wants dedicated satellites for Northern latitudes

May 28, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Russia’s Satellite Communications Co (RSCC) says it wants to launch 4 new satellites to provide Ku-band coverage for its important Far North regions, and which are not well covered by its existing geostationary fleet of 10 craft.

Consequently, these new satellites, which RSCC says will be in orbit by 2024, will be highly elliptical in their orbits and thus extend RSCC’s coverage into the nation’s Arctic Circle and higher than the 76th parallel North.

According to a story in Space News the Russian company is considering bids for their construction from Russian as well as international satellite suppliers. Both Thales Alenia and Airbus Defence & Space have supplied satellites to Russia in the past.

However, RSCC has a busy launch manifest for this year with delayed launches of Express-80 and Express-103 which should have launched in March but are delayed until later in 2020. Two other satellites, Express-AMU3 and AMU7 should launch in 2021.

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